Vikings / Lagertha + Warm


Hello everyone :)
I have been abscent for a while, but tbh I've never been posting here regulary. I always feel like my inspiration and need-to-create something comes in waves. This is excatly why I created today's batch. Even in my non-iconing weeks (months) I am coming here, looking at feed, saving some icons to my inspo folder, sometimes even trying to participate in challenges, but usually I make not satysfying icons. Then I quit trying... That is how it works for me. On saturday, when I randomly clicked feed and checked out somein30 round 09 challenge, I immediately saw my vision for this one. Most of the icons were made the same day, last two I finished today. Not all of them are exactly the way I would like them to be, but hey girl, you tried.
So, as the round theme COORDINATES OF STYLE, I had to think about 2 dimensions I will focus on while creating. Wanting to develop my far crop skills and brightness on icons, I decided my x-axis to be crop closeness, and for an y-axis I went with brightness. 15 icons in total, lower I've put my icons since the october 2020. As always - hover for fandoms.
Stay inspired! :)
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The Witcher / Yennefer + Closed eyes


Hello there! I was quiet here for a long time again. Still making icons in between tho. Some of them are just ugh, but there are some I am really proud of. As always I'm happy to share them with you. The Witcher is mostly for battle at sininferno, the res is probably unposted anywhere till now, there are also some from The OA, tv show I watched recently and absolutely loved it! Too shame there are no plans for s3.. Hurts. As always, hover for fandom and enjoy :)

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